Oge Lâminas Do Limpador Para Kia Ceed 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Alta Qualidade De Borracha Do Pára-Brisas Do Carro Acessórios

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  • Nome Do Modelo: f07
  • Quantidade: Par
  • Nome Da Marca: Oge
  • Peso Do Item: 0.3
  • O Carro Faz: Para Kia Ceed
  • O Tipo De Material: Borracha Natural
  • Item De Largura: 26
  • Características Especiais: Limpa pára-brisas
  • Externas De Testes De Certificação: ISO9001
  • Tamanho: 26''+14''
  • Qualidade: Alta Qualidade
  • Ano: 2006-2016
  • Item De Altura: 14

Modelo Do Veículo: Para Kia Ceed

Ano Modelo: 2006-2009

Limpador Tamanhos: 24" E 18"

Modelo Do Veículo: Para Kia Ceed

Ano Modelo: 2009-2012

Limpador Tamanhos: 24" E 18"

Modelo Do Veículo: Para Kia Ceed

Ano Modelo: 2012 A 2016

Limpador Tamanhos: 26" E 14"

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I ordered brushes to replace my native Kia Ceed JD 2012-so my mount was loose and they began to play. Used to change only rubber bands. Here I decided to update completely. Came separately, two different logistics companies. The result: the brushes correspond to the size, they are much lighter than their relatives. The plastic is very thin, the fairing sections on the sides of the backlash. Press so-so, sometimes norms are cleaned, sometimes rinses. I think maybe you can get your family resuscitated, the donor will be these, for 844 rubles (the norms of expenditure for such money ???). They don't cost that money, not a penny.(11,11,2020 sale)
Sarah Scharnowski
дворники пришли по отдельности,разными транспортными компаниями.встали как влитые.
It came 2 parcels, ordered from Russia, wipers arrange, I order not the first time, but the delivery this time failed, the small delivered by sdecom within 5 days to the Kaluga region, and the big one was probably from China, and the delivery took more than 2 weeks.
Puma 14 19
Delivery from two warehouses, but still quickly. On the Side 1 Rest came perfectly.